The KWAEK display adapter for the Dragon Board 410C is a product that was designed and developed due to a need to get a quality display interfaced with the very powerfull and popular development boards out in the market.

The dragon board 410C is not a very new product in the market, but enthusiasts care about the capability of the board. This resulted in the development of circuit board that that is currently named KWAEK DragonBoard display adapter. The display adapter is capable of interfacing the dragon board 410C with a very high quality Full HD 6” LCD Panel from Sharp.

All efforts behind this custom board and the display solution was purely an enthusiast’s work to get a quality touch display panel working with the DragonBoard 410c. Feedback is welcome and would really appreciate efforts from the community to build future custom solutions similar to this one, one solution that is we can think of immediately is the custom 3d printed enclosures for the dragonboard with the display.

We are also thankful to the 96boards support team, Arrow support as well as all the vendors and providers, for all the help and assistance provided during the development of this project.