Dragonboard 410C Display Adapter Bundle

Display Adapter Addon Board KWAEK Model# SH-DB410-SHT80 Display adapter board with built-in LED driver and power circuits. The LCD Panel connects to the board through the high speed MIPI DSI 60 pin connector. The DragonBoard’s connections are extended to the display adapter board through similar headers (the 40 pin LS expansion header). There is also a 40 pin ribbon connector available to extend the remaining connections on the host board’s HS expansion header.

Full HD 6" LCD Panel Sharp Model# LS060T1SX01 Active matrix 16,777,216 color LCD module. Main color LCD module is controlled by Driver IC (NT35695). Capacitive touch functions are controlled by Touch controller (LR388K5). LCD Panel embedded New Mode TP, Driver (COG), FPC with touch controller IC and electric components, 16 White LED lumps, prism sheet, diffuser, light guide and reflector, plastic frame and PET Sheet. B to B connector (JAE, WP9-P060VA1 60 pins, 0.4mm pitch)

Please note: This display adapter and LCD Panel doesn’t include the host board (Dragonboard 410c). We will try to make a 3d printable case available, to assemble the board and display soon.

Display Adapter & the 6 inch Full HD LCD Display


Below are pre-built images ready to be flashed onto your Dragonboard 410C. Please follow instructions here dragonboard410c-installation-linux-fastboot on 96Boards.com to flash the images using fastboot on a linux host. These images have the display drivers as well as the touch panel drivers integrated. Please refer to documentation section for instructions to build your own custom images with the source files and the supplied driver files. We have also shared the source driver files as well as detailed instructions to customize the Operating Systems.

Android Fastboot Images


Stable Snapshot


Linaro / Debian Images *

Stable Snapshot


Windows 10 IoT Core FFU

Please note: The Windows 10 IoT Core images doesn’t support touch panel yet, will try to make the drivers available for it soon, but it is more than welcome to anyone interested to port the android driver to the Windows 10 IoT Core platform.


* Images will be available soon

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