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Build your custom IoT / DIY console! Get the display connector boards, build or 3D print your custom case, install OS (Android / Linux / Windows 10 IoT Core) and power your Dragon Board 410c with endless possibilities!

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The components (MIPI DSI adapter board & FHD Display Panel) are available for purchase from both Amazon and Ebay.

Custom Images

Customized Dragonboard OS images with driver support for Android and Linux as well as ffu files for Windows 10 IoT Core.

Software Support

Flashable images includes custom drivers, but get going with the driver files and customizations on your own, if required.

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High quality components and circuitry The custom display circuit boards uses very high quality components and adheres to highest quality standards for PCB manufacturing.

Conveniently seats on top of the host board The adapter perfectly and firmly fits on top of the host board, making necessary connections using the pin headers.

Extend IO connectors with onboard extension ports Since the connectors are stacked / extended, you have the ability to continue using all of the unused GPIO and extension pins from the host board through the adapter board.

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